The book is written for anyone that wants to get into building dynamic websites, with Joomla!. As Joomla! 4 is the latest version, this version is what the book will be about.

This book has the sole purpose to educate on and inform you about Joomla, using it to make websites, getting acquainted with the terms, technology and the workings of this fine piece of software. 

In no way is this book complete. Therefore it would not be suitable for a beginner or an intermediate because it would also have to contain very detailed technical information on the inner workings of Joomla. That is for another day (or book).

This book aims to inform and get a new, first time user, up and running in a short period of time.

I have extensive links to online resources should you feel the need to get into the more technical part of Joomla. I have included detailed instructions, with lots of images, all to better make you understand what I am explaining.

From installing, to tinkering with and explanation of features, setting up pages, modules, menu’s, search, tags and lots more. 

You do not need to know technical things about HTML and CSS. Knowing this is a pro, but in this book I aim at the beginner.

Joomla! has the power to really blow you away. Just allow it to do so!

Enjoy the ride!

Some numbers

Pages: 343

Words: 42618

Characters: 249109

Images: 337

Copyright and Piracy

This book has been written with a lot of love and it took me quite a while. This book is copyrighted. If you happen to come across an illegal copy of this book, that has not been obtained through the designated channels, please contact me, so i can take appropriate action to resolve that issue.