Why did i write this book? The year this book was introduced, 2023 is the last year that our beloved Joomla! 3 will be supported. Joomla3 will have had a run for 11 years, time for a well deserved upgrade!

So Joomla! 4 (and 5) is around the corner. Getting to know Joomla! 4 is a logical next step. I really love Joomla! and i want to share my knowledge and enthusiasm. I have been using Joomla! for over 10 years now, and Joomla! just keeps amazing me. This book helps me to do just that: share my knowledge and enthusiasm!

From how well it is coded, to how big the community is that supports this lovely piece of software, just about everything about it rocks. 

1 in 30 websites all over the internet is built with Joomla! Just imagine.

I really love to share my knowledge on Joomla! and make it your go-to CMS when it comes to building a new website. For yourself, your local community, sports club, or as a new business model.


So Enjoy!

Some numbers

Pages: 343

Words: 42618

Characters: 249109

Images: 337

Copyright and Piracy

This book has been written with a lot of love and it took me quite a while. This book is copyrighted. If you happen to come across an illegal copy of this book, that has not been obtained through the designated channels, please contact me, so i can take appropriate action to resolve that issue.